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  • Posted on: 29 August 2017
  • By: jenny


Confirming the validity of an accredited certificate 

Certification is offered by clients (Certification Bodies) of our GAAS Accreditation Body Members and therefore we cannot provide you with a specific confirmation of validity. It is recommended that you contact the Certification Body that issued the certificate and request confirmation of the certificate from them. Certification Bodies are required to maintain and make specific information on their certified client available to the public and can confirm its validity. If you have concerns about the recognition of the Certification Body by an Accreditation Body, the Accreditation Body will be able to assist you with the status and scope of the organisation. Accreditation Bodies that are members of GAAS can be found here

How to find a list of Certification Bodies 

Accreditation Bodies in many economies publish hard copy or online lists or directories of the Certification Bodies that they have accredited, together with their contact details and information on their scope. Visit an Accreditation Body website to find out further information, by clicking on your economy under the list of Signatories.

At the present time GAAS does not have the resources to provide a list of accredited Certification Bodies. This would be an enormous task to maintain, which is why this data is kept by GAAS's Member Accreditation Bodies.

To check an Accreditation Body’s GAAS membership

All GAAS Member Accreditation Bodies and their contact information are listed on our website

How to become certified 

We recommend that you contact a selection of Certification Bodies to obtain specific information and costs from which you then select your preferred Certification Body.  We also recommend that in making such a choice that you select only Certification Bodies that are accredited by an GAAS Accreditation Body. You can find a list of our recognised Accreditation Bodies here. Contact the Accreditation Body if you wish to ensure the Certification Body meets international standards. Each Accreditation Body will make available to you a directory of Certification Bodies that they have accredited and the scope of their services and industry expertise.

The certification process is developed by each Certification Body to meet its clients’ expectations and needs. Therefore you will find minor differences in the process, which basically involves the following stages: Application - Application review - Document submission and review - Audit visit(s) - Report preparation - Corrective actions (if necessary) - Review of corrective actions - Completion of report - Certification decision - Certification documentation.